AWQ2O Photography Portfolio

Artist’s statement:

I take pictures as a way to show my perspective and view on the world. My pictures represent my interpretation on the world that people may never know about me. Photography is like my third eye. I absolutely love nature and pictures can capture a moment in time so well, so I’m able to look back and remember that moment. There is beauty in so many things in life and I want to show people who might not be able to see it, as well as myself. I want people to appreciate nature and the world more, I want people to feel more grounded and connected to this world by my pictures.

I choose the photos I take by looking at both the light side and the dark, getting both views on the world. I also like taking pictures of people when they are in an environment when they can be themselves most. I enjoy taking an array of pictures, with all different styles of photography. I like getting all angles of life and nature in my shots.

I’m inspired by human experience and emotions which drives my work. Many of my pictures are inspired by the connections humans have to each other and one day I hope to be a photographer for weddings and take baby pictures. I truly think the human connection is beautiful.


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